Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission Fluid Change

When was the last time you had a transmission fluid change? If you can’t remember or it has been longer than a year, it’s time you brought your car or truck into Houston transmission rebuild ! As a responsible car or truck owner, you stay on top of regular maintenance like oil changes and maintaining your tires. Your transmission needs maintenance on a regular basis too—and a transmission fluid change is just one part of your car maintenance habits.

We recommend that you have your transmission fluid changed at the interval recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Factors that may shorten recommended intervals between fluid changes are severe temperatures (extreme hot or cold) and extensive stop-and-go driving, like Houston traffic, which can cause wear and tear on your transmission and deplete the quality of your transmission fluid.

Transmission Fluid Change Protects the Life of Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s transmission fluid acts as coolant and lubricant as it courses Is this the correct word here? through your transmission. As the engine heats up so does your transmission fluid. Over time and lots of bumper-to-bumper traffic on Austin’s freeways and major thoroughfares eventually your transmission fluid begins to break down. 80% of automatic transmission problems can be directly tracked back to poor quality, old or poorly maintained transmission fluid.

Expensive transmission repairs can be avoided by visiting our Houston transmission rebuild.

Transmission Fluid Change Services Offered at Houston Transmission Rebuild Shop

  • 22 Point Inspection
  • Road Test
  • Lift Inspection
  • Adjustment Service
  • Fluid and Filter Change

Whether your car is an automatic or standard transmission, Houston Transmission Rebuild leads the industry in quality transmission repair and preventative maintenance in Houston. Call us now and set an appointment for your transmission fluid change.