High-Performance Transmission Repair

High-Performance Transmission Repair

At Houston Transmission Rebuild Shop, we excel at repairing, rebuilding and overhauling high-performance transmissions. Our professional certified transmission service technicians can capably work on any make, model and year of any vehicles.

Today’s vehicle transmission systems, especially modern heavy-duty and high-performance transmissions, can be extraordinarily complex and delicate, relying on elaborate, complicated high-tech electronic control systems to operate efficiently. Our transmission technicians use highly specialized electronic diagnostic equipment and technology to repair high-performance transmission systems.

Full-Service Repair for High-Performance Transmissions
Transmission restoration is what we have been specializing. We can handle all types of transmissions on a full range of foreign and domestic vehicles and engines.

Houston Transmission Rebuild is a full-service, high-performance transmission repair company, offering:

  • High-performance transmission service and repairs,
  • High-performance transmission rebuilds and overhauls.
  • High-performance custom transmission rebuilds to your specification.

We also provide conventional transmission services such as:

  • Transmissions diagnostics.
  • Transmission fluid change.
  • Transmission inspection.
  • Transmission rebuild.
  • Transmission repair.
  • Transmission replacement.
  • Transmission installation.
  • Repair of automatic and manual transmissions.
  • Repair of clutches, differentials, driveshafts, drive axles and transfer cases.