Automatic Transmission Repair

Automatic Transmission Repair

Our mechanics have been properly educated to care for all of your automatic transmission repair needs. We will diagnose the problem with your automatic transmission with accuracy and give you a detailed description of any repairs that need to be made.

In most cases with an automatic transmission, there are only one or a few components that are failing. Our technicians can fix or replace the problem parts, while keeping the long-term health of your transmission in mind.
Repairing your automatic transmission is cost-effective. We will only repair specific components that are malfunctioning.Transmission Specialists diagnose and complete your automatic transmission repair can extend the health and life of your vehicle.

Common Automatic Transmission Problems

Are you in fear that your transmission may be going out? Steady maintenance and repair of your automatic transmission is the best way to avoid costly operations such as transmission replacement. You can save on transmission costs by taking your vehicle to a mechanic every 30,000 miles for a routine checkup. Some common signs of automatic transmission problems include a burning smell. Fresh transmission fluid is usually pinkish with a sweet smell whereas used, depleted transmission fluid will look like brown or black oil. Another sign of transmission problems is your car struggling a bit to get from one gear to the next as your vehicle automatically upshifts.

A mechanic can accurately diagnose transmission problems with better technology. Some problems such as a malfunctioning computer or electric panel can only be diagnosed with the proper equipment.

Automatic Transmission Repair at a Higher Standard

At Houston Transmission Rebuild we perform to a different standard. We work hard to not only get you back on the road fast, but are committed to handling your transmission repair job with integrity and honesty.