How to Save Money on a Transmission Repair?

5 Tips that will help you save money at a transmission shop!

1. Today's technology is great! When it comes to finding a good transmission shop, it's right at your fingertips. Checking the reviews of a shop on the internet is the first step to saving you money. This may sound silly but, good shops work hard for good reviews.
2. Resist the impulse to call a transmission shop and ask for a "worst case scenario", or a "ball park". Worst case is buying something you don't need. There are a lot of shops that will just throw a number out, all too quickly, hoping to land the job.
3. Keep in mind that a transmission has 300-400 moving parts. When someone says they can rebuild your transmission for a certain dollar figure, how many of those parts are they going to replace? Everyone is convinced that rebuilding a transmission means you take out ALL the old parts and put new ones back in their place. That's simply not the case.
4. It’s easy to make up prices over the phone, but a professional shop will always ask you to bring the vehicle in for a proper diagnosis. Doesn't it make more sense to base your decision on a thorough diagnosis and accurate pricing information, rather than some sort of random guess work by someone that hasn't even looked at your vehicle?
5. Honest shops make sure they only sell what is needed and do a good job for you. An honest shop will educate the customer, rather than trying to play them for a sucker