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  1. Transmission Rebuild

    Your vehicle’s transmission is crucial not only for proper operation, but also safe operation. Problems with your transmission can lead to vehicle malfunctions and even accidents, so it’s important to ensure that your vehicle’s transmission is performing in peak condition at all times. At Houston Transmission Rebuild, we provide transmission repair services, but we all offer the best in transmission rebuilding solutions. A rebuilt transmission can save you money over the costs of replacement, and having your transmission rebuilt can also extend the life expectancy of your vehicle. Our expert mechanics can provide you with options so that you can decide which is best for you, and all of our transmission rebuilding services are guaranteed.

  2. Transmission Repair

    Caring for your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most important aspects of keeping you safe on the road. As a result, you need to contact Houston Transmission Rebuild at the first sign of trouble. We specialize in all types of transmission repair solutions, and we can ensure that your vehicle is running in top condition. Keep in mind that problems with your transmission can lead to all types of problems, including complete transmission failure. When this occurs, you may be driving down the highway or you may even find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere alone. Don’t let a problem with your transmission become a disaster. Let Houston Transmission Rebuild provide you with fast, affordable transmission repair solutions.

  3. Transmission Service

    Do you need transmission service in Houston area? Our De transmission repair and service facility have been providing quality transmission services over 30 years in Houston, Katy, Cypress, Spring and surrounding areas. We are the transmission experts. ASE certified mechanics and ATRA affiliation sets Houston Transmission Rebuild apart from the competition. Come experience our service and you will witness first hand that quality transmission service at affordable prices is not a myth but a fact with Houston Transmission Rebuild.

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